The Importance of Reliability From Your Collection

When it comes to cooking oil collection, it’s a core part of your business and the last thing you want is for the collection process to be unreliable. That’s why reliability is so important when it comes to your collection. Here are some reasons why reliability should be at the top of your list when arranging for your oil pick-up.

Why is Reliability Important?

Having reliable collections is important for several reasons, such as safety, legal compliance, and helping the environment. 

Ensuring your fats and oils are removed correctly and regularly

A reliable collection will help businesses maintain their reputation, credibility and safety standards. The stability of your oil collection company is crucial to keep your business running smoothly. Reasons timely collection is important:

  • Used cooking oil can be recycled into biodiesel which reduces carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Protects the environment by reducing the chance of spillages.
  • Cost-effective solution, with EM Oils paying restaurants to pick up used cooking oil.


Reliability doesn’t just mean quality and durability; it also means cost-effectiveness. Collections avoid the costs of storing and managing the oil. By recycling your cooking oil and having a delivery with EM Oils, you can:

  • Ensure ongoing rebates which offset the cost of new oil or can be taken as cash. 
  • Use good quality oils to produce better quality recyclables. 
  • Save money by having a monthly contract/subscription rather than a one-off collection as and when required. 
  • Plan/manage the costs of re-fills and waste management. 

Working with a partner like EM Oils will ensure that your collection remains reliable while also being cost-effective in the long run.

A Reliable Partner

Ensuring your oil is contained correctly and effectively allows for easier collections and fewer spills or accidents. EM Oils always provide a clean replacement barrel on every collection. Alternatively, you can reuse the containers your fresh oil comes in and we will take these away and recycle them for you. 


You need to be able to trust that your oil supplier will arrive with the oil on time and when it’s needed. If you are left with oil standing, or fryers in need of fresh oil, not only will this cause problems with storage, you could also impair the quality of the food for your customers. By building a strong working relationship with your collection provider, like EM Oils is vital to avoid errors and potential added costs. 

Reliability and Quality Matters

Reliability should always be at the top of your list when arranging your collections. It guarantees quality, durability, cost-effectiveness, and trustworthiness in the long run. EM Oils consider these factors and ensure your collection remains reliable for years to come so that you can focus on your business. Contact EM Oils for more information on oil collection services.

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