Recycle waste oil | used cooking oil

Waste Oil Recycling

Recycle waste oil and oil recycling is clearly an area of expertise for EM Oils but we can help you in other areas too!

Recycle waste oil | used cooking oil

Recycle Waste Oil Service

Recycling waste oil services help businesses save money by reducing their hazardous waste disposal costs. We collect used oil from commercial and industrial sites, transport it to a licensed recycling facility, and then dispose of it properly following all applicable environmental regulations. 

Our on-site service is tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer’s operation. We can customise our service packages based on the size and type of business involved, the volume of oil generated, and other special considerations that may arise.

We are dedicated to providing timely collection services and comprehensive documentation when necessary. EM Oils provides recycling and collection services of waste cooking oils for businesses across the UK. 

Recycling waste oil services are a safe and cost-effective way to dispose of used oil.  Here’s how –

  • RThe customer receives money back on the oil they recycle as a rebate.
  • RThey are ensured ongoing rebates which offset the cost of new oil or can be taken as cash.
  • RSave money by having a monthly contract/subscription rather than a one-off collection as and when required.

This service provides customers with the opportunity to save money, reduce environmental waste, and extend the life of their machines. The process involves collecting used cooking oil from its source and transferring it into an approved disposal container for recycling. The recycled oil can be reused as fuel or converted into useful chemicals and lubricants for industrial use. 

EM Oils help conserve resources by reducing the amount of new oil that needs to be produced while still protecting the environment from hazardous waste material. By utilising our waste oil recycling and collection services, businesses may also save on storage costs by eliminating the need to store large amounts of waste oil while ensuring compliance with government regulations.

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General waste and food waste

Waste is clearly an area of experience for EM Oils. We will find you a value for money waste solution that fits your needs.

John Carrigan - Manningtree

“Very professional reliable trustworthy service ever needs an early pick up or an extra barrel they get it done sharpish. Would highly recommend EM Oils to anyone. Many thanks over the years!!!! Looking forward to continuing doing business. ”

Iftikhar Ahmed- Birmingham

“Excellent service!! Always on time with a smile. Ready to help you with any questions and problems. Well done to all in this difficult time.”

Naeem Adam - Leicester

“Faultless service. Always there when I need them. Highly recommend”

Our core values


EM Oils pride themselves on their honest, open and transparent relationship with their customers. Whether that’s being a keyholder to your premises or paying rebates when you’re not around, trust is of the upmost importance in our business relationship.


Our drivers are recruited and trained to put you the customer first. Part of their role is to form a professional working relationship with you, ensuring our services are an exact fit for your needs.


We understand that our service is a small cog within a larger machine which is your company but one that can cause disruption unless we are on top of our game.


Flexibility is key in business. Nothing lasts forever. Your requests will always be accommodated.

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