Cooking Waste Oil Collections


Once your collection day is agreed we guarantee to be there.

You will be fully compliant with local environmental regulations.

Cooking Waste Oil Collections

Cooking Oil Collection Service

At EM Oils we are a professional service provider specialising in waste cooking oil collection.

Our cooking oil collection service ensures that used vegetable oil is collected and recycled safely and sustainably. We provide an efficient, reliable service to businesses, Carehomes,
Pubs, Schools, Hospitals and other food outlets.

The collection process is super straightforward and environmentally friendly. Our crews use top-notch gear to collect your used cooking oil, which means minimal spillage and no health hazards from handling. Plus, you always get replacement barrels that are clean and ready to go every time we come to collect. Or if you prefer, you can reuse the containers your new oil comes in and we’ll take these away and recycle them for you.

We understand that disposing of large amounts of used cooking oil can be difficult, so we ensure that all our customers receive timely collections with no disruption to their operations. Our collection teams are trained to safely collect used vegetable cooking oil without causing any disruption or damage to your premises.

Collections are also tracked and monitored so our customers can be confident their used cooking oil is collected safely and recycled responsibly.

Oil we collect:

  • RVegetable Oil
  • RSunflower Oil
  • RHard Fats
  • RRapeseed Oil
  • RWaste Cooking Oil
  • RFryer Oil

For more information about our Cooking Oil Collection Service or to arrange a collection please contact us today!

We look forward to helping you with your used cooking oil recycling needs.

Waste Oil Collection

You will always get a clean replacement barrel on every collection or alternatively, you can reuse the containers your fresh oil comes in and we will take these away and recycle them for you.

Sacha De Alvarado – Melton Mowbray

“Always a fantastic punctual service even giving short notice. Been using them for years and wouldn’t use anybody else. To add, always great quality.”

Whetstone Fish Bar - Leicester

“Brilliant customer service, always come to pick oil whenever we want with no excuse of not coming. We have been using these guys for many years and never had an issue. I would never go to anyone to dispose of our oil. Keep up the good work team. Thank you.”

Naeem Adam - Birmingham

“Professional, friendly, faultless service. Always there when I need them. Highly recommend!”

What happens next?


We will call you and take time to fully understand your cooking oil requirements.


Once you are happy with your service requirements your first site visit will be scheduled.


Your first visit will entail the driver introducing themselves and taking you through a quick orientation to confirm your service needs. They will also deliver your empty waste oil barrel if it has been requested.


Start filling your barrel immediately your cooking oil management service has now begun.


You will receive a call 48 hours after your first visit to check everything is to your satisfaction.


The legal paperwork you require will be issued after every visit.


We commit to giving you a 5 Star service.

Our core values


EM Oils pride themselves on their honest, open and transparent relationship with their customers. Whether that’s being a keyholder to your premises or paying rebates when you’re not around, trust is of the upmost importance in our business relationship.


Our drivers are recruited and trained to put you the customer first. Part of their role is to form a professional working relationship with you, ensuring our services are an exact fit for your needs.


We understand that our service is a small cog within a larger machine which is your company but one that can cause disruption unless we are on top of our game.


Flexibility is key in business. Nothing lasts forever. Your requests will always be accommodated.

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